Must have been quite the storm in downtown Austin

Poor tree!Poor tree!Poor tree!Poor tree!I just drove through downtown this morning, and it’s TRASHED – tree limbs everywhere, leaves everywhere, wires down…I saw a tree down while driving in, it was almost as thick as my car! It looks like there was a tornado here. I’ve got pictures, but no way to get them off my camera right now. I’ll add them to the post when I’m home.

In pfabulous Pflugerville everything is fine. It was really loud, and I had to wade out into the torrential rain to pull one of the cars up into the driveway, but we didn’t get anything this extreme. It is so odd that downtown looks like a war zone; it’s only 18 miles away! The most annoying thing that happened at home is that the lights kept going out.

Poor tree!One spot of sunshine

Update: I just decided to take some photos with my phone and post them…

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  1. zoe says:

    i hope things are okay now. i read some informative stuff about Austin here:

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