Apparently, I really need to start blogging more…

ok, I was just installing the lovely snow that you see on my Chateau, when my brother, who was leaning over my shoulder said “August 30th???!?!?!?”

I realized that he was looking at the last day that I had blogged. I know, I’m hanging my head.

A lot has happened since then, though: I’ve had a surgery (no big deal), and had Thanksgiving, and got a Blackberry, which I then had to learn all about…hmmmm…it doesn’t really look like a lot, does it? I guess i just worked a lot. 😦

soooooooooo…I want to wish all 2 of my readers a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all manner of a Happy New Year!!!

Also, if you’d like that snow, you can find very good instructions (and a true story about our father) here @

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