Today’s horoscope

Ok, I don’t want to be in this day…

Horoscope 1: It’s like an old familiar friend that has come home for a visit, now that the Moon has returned to your sign. She reminds you of the power of your emotions, yet also how isolated you can feel when you don’t express them. It may be difficult to let others know what you’re experiencing today, for you have responsibilities that prevent you from slipping into the emotional zone. Just remember that you can keep silent while still actively staying in touch with your inner world. – Stewart Levine
Horoscope 2: Your uncomfortable emotions are often the most educational emotions, so when you’re feeling the urge to flee the room today, stay put and listen. Just because someone is voicing an opinion you don’t agree with doesn’t mean that what they are saying isn’t illuminating or legitimate. Even if all you learn is that you detest everything that this person stands for, you will still be better off staying and listening than you would be taking off. Don’t close yourself off from new experiences.

Wow. This is really not a good sign.

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